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Published: 10th December 2009
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American Communications Network, ACN for short was formed in the nineties by four entrepreneurs: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz.

Greg Provenzano was a vice president of a national marketing company where he lead the sales organisation. He works closely with the ACN representatives and was responsible for the recruiting and training of the personnel.

Robert Stevanovski has managed many business throughout the 1980's. His skills are in growing and expanding businesses. He has also held two very successful positions with two large direct marketing companies.

Mike Cupisz has 17+ years of direct selling experience. He has run many companies which have generated large revenues.

Tony Cupisz has 20+ years in network marketing and has held senior positions with many direct selling companies.

ACN are a global company with operations in the United Stated and Canada, Asia Pacific and Europe. They have grown at a rapid rate and continue to still do so. They turnover $700 million+ a year and have celebrities endorsing their company in the form of Donald Trump.

The ACN Product

ACN supply telecommunication solutions for the commercial and residential markets. There flagship product is their Digital Phone Service with Video Phone. Their products operate on ACN's network. They also provide local and long distance internet services, wireless services, satellite TV and home security.

The ACN Business Opportunity

The ACN opportunity is an open offer to members of the general public to partner with them. The individual will form a home based business as an ACN independent representative. ACN products are sold to the market place via the ACN rep on behalf of the company. The ACN rep will then be paid commission on their customer base. A rep can increase their business with ACN by recruiting other ACN reps who will also be paid a commission on the customers they generate. The lead rep, otherwise know as the upline will also gain an income from all the reps they have under them on the business structure, also known as their downline.

This way of direct selling and business building is called multi level marketing (MLM), more generally know as network marketing. There are many companies throughout the world who use MLM / network marketing structures as a way to market their business. Its based on the theory that word of mouth is the best way to market a business (the direct personal touch). The reps will know personally or will of been referred to the customer by people they know and who are in their 'network'.

Thinking of Becoming an ACN Rep?

Things to consider / research when looking at a ACN as a business opportunity.

How long has ACN been around?

Who are the people in control of ACN the company? What roles do they play?

Has ACN grown and developed over the years? What is their rate of growth?

Does ACN have any major debts?

Is there a market for the ACN product?

What is the ACN compensation plan?

How much do the top ACN rep leaders make monthly?

These are the question which you should be researching if you looking at seriously becoming an ACN rep. I have given you some of the answers in this ACN review which is a good place to start and base your research.

Another tip and this is a valuable tip so read it, then re-read it!

ACN is a strong network marketing comapny. As an ACN rep, knowing how to network is important, knowing how to MARKET is essential. Marketing is the back bone of any business, without marketing even the best product in the world will not sell to its full potential. Learn to market your business, so when your warm market (friends and family) dries up you will still have the rest of the world (as ACN is a global company) to market to. There are many way to market any business some ways will work better for you than others. Think of how you can reach the mass market so you can generate as much income as possible and live the dream life for which you are involved or thinking of getting involved with ACN.

Remember it is or will be your business, you alone will be responsible for its success and failures.

This has been an ACN Review. If you are an ACN rep or thinking of becoming and ACN rep then I would stongly advise you to learn how to MARKET. Click the links in the resource box to find out how.

Dwayne Huggins knows the importance of providing valuable information. In this ACN Review he has laid out what you will need to know if you are thinking of becoming an ACN Rep.

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